A2Z E-Payments (Pvt.) Ltd | Information Security Policy

A2Z E-Payments (Pvt) Ltd is committed to the development and maintenance of an Information Security Management System (ISMS) based on the ISO 27001:2013. To achieve this Information Security Policy:

  1. A2Z is dedicated in establishing and continually improving the ISMS policy & procedure.
  2. Confidentiality, integrity and Availability of information is maintained throughout the process flow.
  3. The creation of the ISMS will include listing all information assets and the security risks that may arise for each asset. The approach to information security will be based on risk, as per the ISO 27001 standard and best practice.
  4. Contingency and mitigation plans are defined.
  5. All corporate assets (tangible/intangible) are stored/located in a physically, logically secure environment and also monitored and controlled.
  6. A2Z will provide framework for setting objectives and establish an overall sense of direction of principles for action with regard to security.
  7. All personnel are trained on information security procedures.
  8. The ISMS will take into account business and legal or regulatory requirements and contractual security obligations.
  9. Business continuity plans are established, maintained, tested periodically and updated as needed.

This policy has been approved by the company management and shall be reviewed by the management in annual management review meeting.