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Welcome to A2Z ePayments

Founded in 2006, A2Z Electronic-Payments private limited is a registered company with Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). We pledge to follow a basic viewpoint to keep our high quality services simple, on time and smart. We facilitate and provide users friendly solutions in public & private sector by executing the accurate concept of Information Technology (IT). The systems provided by us are efficient, transparent, and secure with stock control, sales tracking, audit trials and security inbuilt.

Our Philosophy

We follow a basic philosophy to keep our work clear, timely, concise and smart and in order to facilitate masses and government institution to improve their performance across the country. We get it right and most importantly, on time. We are making the Journey from Cash to Electronic Payments

Our Beliefs

For us working is our passion. We are open to ideas, it define us well aware of what is going on in the digital world. We follow high standards for ourselves to provide best services to our clients to enhance their performance.

Our Vision

We strive to continually deliver outstanding level of customer service, which is the key to maintain and grow our customer base. Our electronic payment services are designed to provide the growing needs of government departments, businesses and individuals to safely carry out their payment activities on in convenient and easy way.
Relying on our expertise in distribution, marketing, technology and payments, we aim to become Pakistan’s largest third party payments transaction processing network.

Our Values

We are committed to honesty, timeliness and clarity in communicating both internally and with our customers in order to deliver best products and services that enhance performance of government and private institutions.Our success depends upon positive relationships that built out of trust. Trust is created by our actions and the most important of these is our ability to keep the promises we make. We pledge to formulate a path toward emerging technology.

A path toward digitalization and improve the services and internal efficiency of government departments via Information tech, to provide and implement the literal concept of Electronic-Payments processing services in public institutions across Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Provinces of Pakistan to facilitate their users in one click.

We are leading electronic payment processing service and solution house in Pakistan. We endeavor to offer of a total secure, integrated and most comprehensive payment processing services for government institution to facilitate citizen.

A2Z offer flawlessly integrated, Real Time online Services to Citizens with platforms enabled for electronic & cashless financial transactions.

A2Z aim to make public and private sector in a position to collect and make payments in an electronic mode.

A2Z E-payments is striving to improve Public Sector Efficiency and facilitating citizens.E-payments in Pakistan: an emerging market with great potential to bridge the gap between citizens and government and a step toward modernization of the country.A2Z create an integrated electronic payment facility in Pakistan to improve the performance of public departments and enhanced government-citizen interaction by limiting corruption and to save the citizens from hassle of visiting multiple offices to make mandatory payments.

Many exchanges of payments between the citizens and the Government are mandated. Some of them include payment of traffic rules violation fines, collection and payments arms license fees, and other utility bills. Owing to the fact that these essential services are provided by various Government departments and wings, the citizens are forced to visit multiple offices to fulfill their obligations. This results in wastage of precious time, thus interrupting on the productivity of the nation as a whole.


Major Achievements of our company are:


1. Traffic Fine Collection (KPK & Karachi Police)
2. Automated Lifting & Towing Fine Collection (Karachi Traffic Police)
3. eDMC
4. Smart Result
5.Driving License Fee Collection
6. Peshawar Bus Terminal Fee Collection Services
7. Online Application for BISEP Admission Fee Collection
8. File Tracking System
9. CM Visitor Management System
10. CM Directive Management System
11. CM Accounts Management System
12. CM Stock & Inventory Management System
13. CM Vehicle Management System
14. Computerization of Arms Licenses in KPK
15. Computerization of Deed Agreements for Board of Revenue, KPK

Director's Messages

Introduction to E-Payment?

What is E-Payment?

—A payment that is initiated, processed and received electronically.

Components of E-Payment System

  1. —Money transfer applications.
  2. —Network infrastructures
  3. —Rules & Procedures

Major actors of E-Payment

  • —Payer
  • — Payee
  • — Banks
  • — Trusted third Party ( A2Z E-Payments)

Types of E-Payment System

—Online credit card payment system

—Electronic Payment based on Trusted Third Party (TTP System is the one we proposed & implemented across the province (at present in 21 Districts)

—Digital Cash

—M-Payment Smart card based E-Payment System

—Electronic billing presentment and payment